The Shaba

The Shaba

Catering - The Food of Love

Exquisite food and cooling, fizzing drinks are usually at the core of any important celebration. It is the time for guests to relax, revive, to take time to enjoy delicious ‘special’ dishes, each other’s company and drink to be merry, in true celebratory mode.

Whether your party plans call for an intimate gathering of close family and friends or hundreds of wedding guests, we will serve you deliciously and professionally, indoors or outdoors by a set or buffet menu, or even fresh seafood Barbeque, if desired. Table set-up and other decorations for your party will all be taken care of, without the slightest of concerns.

A successful party is not about how much money you spend. It is style, taste and elegance that makes the ultimate difference – and the guest list! The freshest, most flavorsome ingredients are artfully composed and presented with flair and finesse served from nearby sister restaurants Asam Garam and Balique Restaurant, overseen by an expert European Chef. The food comes from all over the island and inspiration from Indonesia, India, South-East Asia, the Middle East and Europe. You may choose from our suggested menus or create your own.

Alcohol and drinks are offered from a vast choice, to be chosen under your final approval.